Our annual competition has 2 seasons to choose from with 4 tests per season - one each month. Season 1 is November through February and Season 2 is January through April.  The tests are composed of 6 questions that can be taken online, or printed out with teacher grading and entering the scores. We provide a set of practice Power Points to elementary and middle school coaches, along with the tests from the previous year. Teams can have up to 30 members at one competition level. We have 5 levels of competition: Rookie (grades 3-4), Intermediate (grades 5-6), Advanced (grades 7-8), Apprentice (grades 9-10) and Master (grades 11-12). To enter, order a $75 U.S. Team Membership, or $100 International Membership if you are outside the U.S. or $25  Individual Membership for your child if the school is not competing. Homeschool teams are also welcome.

Awards are shipped to all students in March for Season 1, and in May for Season 2. Students outside the U.S. and Canada will not receive an awards shipment due to high postage, but will have access to a pdf awards certificate.

Awards shipments include certificates for each student and one gold medal to be awarded to your class champion-additional medals can be ordered if you have a tie. Students in the top 10 percent recive a dog tag and top teams receive a plaque.

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