Registration is for grades 3-8 and is open to schools and parents who wish to sign up their student(s). Please enter a team sponsor-this should be the person who will be getting all info to the students and who will communicate with us-please do not use a hotmail or yahoo email address. Enter the student's name as it should appear on the certificate and register the students with who will be their team members. Teams are made up of 5 or LESS members. If you are registering one student, just leave the other 4 team members blank. If you are a group of parents registering students, please have one person register and pay for all the students on your team. You should pay by credit card, unless you are a school. Schools may print an invoice and mail your payment to P.O. Box 16002 Huntsville, AL 35802. T-shirts will be delivered at the tournament. The cost is $10 per student and an additional $10 for t-shirt, size 2X $12, size 3X $13. Extra shirts for sponsors and parents, and books can be ordered at the bottom of registration. Books will be shipped to you. A tournament invoice and practice test will be emailed immediately to you. You must hit SUBMIT on the second page of registration for it to go through. Be sure to check your Junk Mail folder if you do not receive it. Final Instructions and Request for Volunteers/Proctors will be sent the week of the Tournament. PLEASE bring payment to the event if you do not mail it in time.

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