Perennial Math hosts tournaments for districts big and small around the nation. We make it easy and economical to get your students engaged and excited about math in our gameshow format. We host tournaments during the school week which guarantees 100% participation and cuts down on transportation costs. We do all the work: scheduling, testing, communication with teachers, teacher training, support materials, technical support, and awards. No extra applications or technical equipment are needed.

We work with you to create an event that works best for all stakeholders. Individual tests can be taken ahead of the team compeition, where teams face off in a WebEx Virtual environment. Livescoring keeps the students engaged. The Awards ceremony takes place on Facebook Live for families to join in the experience. If your district is interested in having a tournament please call us 1-888-835-2366 or email us at

Perennial Math is a diverse group of educators meeting students wherever they are, striving to increase the trajectory of their lives by teaching logic and creative thinking to create independent thinkers. Perennial Math was created and is led by Dr. Sylvia Dean, a gifted specialist and math coach who is recognized for her involvement and coordination of math, robotics, and technology competitions internationally.

Past Tournaments
Birmingham City Schools May 2, 2022 Album Not Available
Atlanta Public Schools Mar 10, 2022 Album Not Available
Carroll County Schools Mar 3, 2022 Album Not Available
Bridgeport CT Grade 5-6 Feb 23, 2022 Album Not Available
Hillsborough County Public Schools Feb 7, 2022 Album Not Available
Richmond County Schools Jan 25, 2022 Album Not Available