What is a Virtual Tournament?

Virtual Tournaments are online tournaments held in a WebEx chat room with our host. We require participants to log in to WebEx to see the questions, and they must also log in to an additional live scoring site to enter their answers. It is important that they have speakers to hear the host, and a webcam for us to see them. Audio can be from the computer or through phone if your computer microphone is not working. The students are introduced to a gameboard with mathematical topics and they select the topic when their team answers the question correctly first. The game goes on for 1 hour and the teams receive points based on how quickly they get the answer correct. Each problem must be solved in 3 min or less. We host quarterly Virtual Tournaments that you may register for on our Virtual Tournament page-these are open to teams around the nation. We also host virtual tournaments for schools or districts. We also do an invitational National Championship virtual tournament for all our onsite tournament winners so that they can compete against teams from around the nation.

How do I register for a Virtual Tournament?

Please check the event list out on our Virtual Tournament page to register for an event. There will be a registration link by the event in the list. The cost is $50 per team. Teams are made up of 5 or less members. You may register multiple teams at each grade level.

To schedule  a personal Virtual Tournament for your class, please email info@perennialmath.com or call 1-888-835-2366 to set up a time for your personal event. We will schedule your event and also a pre-conference site check. If you are a winner of one of our On-site tournaments, you will be emailed an invitation to our National Virtual Tournament faceoff. You may register for the National Championship Virtual Faceoff on our NationalChampionships or Onsite-Tournaments page. These take place in May. 

We will also host an on-site Virtual event for your district if you want to contact us. We charge $50 per team. We can host 100 computers for this event. If you want to set up a personal event just for your class, the class Virtual event costs $150 and you may have up to 10 computers. 

What is the cost of a Virtual Tournament?

Virtual Tournaments that we host each quarter are listed on our Virtual Tournament page- the cost is $50 per team (5 or less members per team). 

A Virtual Tournament for your class costs $150. You can make your purchase for this on our website store. This can be paid for by check, purchase order, credit card, or PayPal.

The price to attend our National Championships Virtual Tournament in May for Onsite-Tournament Winners is $100 per team competition and $25 for individual competition. Your name or team name will be in the dropdown menu on the registration site. Registration for the National Championships is on our Onsite-Tournaments page. Parents be sure to check with your school to make sure that you don't double register your child.

How do we set up for the Virtual Tournament?

A link for the virtual tournament will be sent to the sponsor. The link will allow you to log in or you can log in at Webex.com and enter the event number. From there you will enter the team name and an email address where the transcripts will be sent to you. After that you simply hit call with computer to get the audio working. Once students are logged in they learn how to mute their microphone. It is very important that they keep the mic muted as other competitors are coming in the chat area. If your computer  microphone is not working, you may call in with a phone to communicate with the host. Click here to see a video on how to log in. 

What are the Awards for the Virtual Tournament?

Participants receive an official certificate for our Virtual tournaments for a classroom event. Medals can be ordered. 

For Onsite district Virtual Tournaments, we ship dogtags and awards for the event.

May National Champions Virtual Winners receive a trophy and recognition on our Tournament Page and Social Media. 

Virtual Challenge winners will be shipped a tChampion banner.