What is the National Championship Tournament?

The National Championship Tournament is an Invitation Tournament for all Individual and Team Winners from our Onsite-Tournaments. Any 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place individual and team medal winner may compete and will find their name in our dropdown menu on registration. 

Who may participate in National Championships?

Individual and Team winners that received a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place medal at an onsite-competition may participate. They may only participate in Individual competition if they won an individual medal, and they may only participate in team competition if they won in the team competition.  Schools may not substitute students in on teams for team members who cannot compete. Only the original team members may compete. 

Winners from the Winter and Spring Virtual Challenges are also invited to compete. The original members from the team are the only members who can compete-schools may not substitute students in for absent members. 

Perennial Math also sends invitations to winners from our District Tournaments. 

How do we prepare?

There are books in the Perennial Math store that have previous questions.  We suggest our Tournament Test books, or Volume 1, 2, and 3 books from our Online Competition.

For more practice, we highly suggest your team participate in our Winter or Spring Virtual Tournaments so that you get familiar with the format and working together to get the answer in a timed setting. You can register for Virtual Tournaments on our Virtual Tournaments page under the Tournaments tab.  We also suggest that you participate in our Online Competition and practice weekly. Online Competition coaches receive practice Power Point files that have many questions for review and 4 tests from the previous year. Parents can purchase an individual membership for $25 in our store. 

Who may register?

Schools or parents may register winning students or teams for the event.  Parents MUST confirm with schools whether the school will be registering the student. A student may only participate in events that they won in at an Onsite-tournament. Team winners are not eligible for individual competition UNLESS they were an individual medal winner. The email address that is entered will be where the important codes are sent for the tournament. If you are a parent registering the student, be sure to put in the email address of the person who will be logging your child in.

Virtual Tournament winners may also register for National Championships. 

What is the deadline to register?

All participants must be registered by the Thursday before National Championships begin. This allows sponsors to receive the important codes and equipment check information.  Equipment check is always the Friday before National Championships. Perennial Math will not provide additional equipment check days. 

How do I change my registration or add to it?

You may contact our office to make a change to your registration or add a team or student.You will not be able to log in to see your previous registration.  Please email info@perennialmath.com  or call 1-888-835-2366. You may not substitute students in on the team for members who cannot attend. 

How do we set Perennial Math up as a vendor in our district?

Use our Contact form on perennialmath.com and select request w9 in the Subject drop down. A w9 tax form will come to your email instantly so be sure to check your spam. 

When will we receive our t-shirts?

T-shirts will be shipped the week of May 21st. They are shipped from our supplier and orders cannot be changed after May 10th. Please be sure that the shipping address is correct on your registration.

How much does it cost to attend the National Championships?

Individual Championships cost $25. Team Championships cost $100 per team. T-shirts are also available for $15 and must be pre-ordered by May 10th. 

How can we pay for the National Championships?

You may use credit card, check or purchase order when you register. If your school needs a w9 form to set us up as a vendor you may request one on our dropdown menu on our website Contact form and it will be emailed instantly.  

How do I change my payment type if I have already registered?

If you need to pay a different way, please call us 1-888-835-2366

How do the National Tournaments work?

All teams log in to a WebEx meeting room to see the Perennial Math host and to see the other competitors. All participants also log in to livesite.perennialmath.com to enter their answers for the event. At the conclusion of the event, the winner will be announced on WebEx and will also be streaming live on Facebook. Click here to see a video tutorial on how to log in. 

Can we participate on a different day?

No. Individual and Team events are live and you may only participate on the day that is scheduled for your grade level. The questions are not in test format-it is live scoring.

How do I know if our equipment works?

You may consult the WebEx.com website for more information on equipment. They have a site you can log in to jon a test meeting https://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html 

We will also have an equipment check day before the event. The equipment check day will be emailed to all sponsors. Click here to see a video tutorial on how to log in.

Will we need special codes to participate?

You will need special codes to participate. It is very important that you are checking your email for those codes. You will need your WebEx meeting number and each participant will have another special code to log in to livesite.perennialmath.com

What happens if we lose our codes or they do not work?

If you manage to get in to the WebEx meeting, we can give you the livesite scoring code. If you have lost your WebEx meeting number, please contact us 1-888-835-2366 or info@perenniamath.com  All codes are emailed the week before, please check your spam folder.

What do we win?

Individual and Team Winners for 1st place will be mailed a championship trophy on May 22 after all events are concluded. Second and third place winners will be sent a certificate stating their place. All participants will be emailed a certificate of participation regardless to place.