We invented Virtual Tournaments- it's Video Conferencing Tournaments in a WebEx Chat Room with a Gameshow Host. These are a perfect activity for your math club or class or even for a tournament in your district. We allow up to 24 computers to log in our area and you may have up to 5 students per computer. These require pre-registration and internet. If computers have a webcam and audio, then the contestants can be heard and seen. If not, they may participate by IM only. You do not have to be enrolled in our yearly competition to participate. Sponsors may call us to reserve and schedule their personalized virtual tournament, 1-888-835-2366. These can be done during school hours, after school, or weekends.

Once a tournament is scheduled, we will work with you ahead of time to make sure that your site is receiving the signal and that you understand how to log in. The tournaments require internet and speakers, (webcam and mic are optional). Students will need to be placed around your building in separate areas so that there is no audio feedback.