What is a Perennial Math Tournament?

Perennial Math Tournaments are live tournaments where students meet at a facility and take 2 tests in order to receive individual and team awards. These are held at college campuses for anyone to attend or schools that want to host an event just for their school, school system, or other invited participants. Due to Covid-19, our Onsite-Tournaments will be held this year, but students will take the test online from their school or home depending on what the school sponsor decides. 

How do I get a Sample Test?

Click here to download a sample test.

What is the format for a Perennial Math Tournament?

There are 2 separate tests in a tournament- an individual test and a team test. All participants do both tests. The individual test is used to award individual medals at each grade level. The team test is used to award team medals at each grade level. The individual test must be completed in 30 minutes and has 15 questions which are mainly word problems with two to three steps and a couple of computation problems. The team test must be completed in 20 minutes and has 10 word problems. The students work together on the team test with only one answer document. They may divide the ten problems any way they want.

How do we prepare for the Tournament?

All coaches receive an email with a sample test immediately after registration. The file is a previous test so that students learn the format. Books are available from our past tournaments.  You may also want to purchase books from our online competition for additional questions. We also sell books from Edward Zaccaro that teach problem solving strategies.  We highly recommend joining our online competition during the year so that you receive coach materials and free Power Points that prepare you for any tournament.

How do we register for a Tournament?

The tournaments are listed on our on-site tournaments page http://perennialmath.com/onsite-tournament and there is a link beside each tournament. Once the teacher clicks on the registration, school information is entered and then each team of 5 students is entered. An invoice and practice test is emailed immediately to every coach that signs up. Parents may register their child if the school is not participating. IF you are a parent registering a student, just leave the other 4 student blanks empty.

How many teams may we sign up?

Schools may enter as many teams as they like at each grade level. It is important to register early though so that we do not run out of space at the facility that is hosting.

Must we have 5 members on our team to participate?

Teams must have between 2- 5 competitors, but we highly suggest you have 5 members because the 5 individual scores count toward the team score. However, we do have teams with less than 5 members win. Individual students are NOT eligible for TEAM Awards- teams consist of two or more students working together.

Can homeschools or individuals compete?

We accept individual student registration, but please do not ask us to pair your child up with other children that are attending. Homeschools and private schools may also compete. However, please have 1 parent do the registration for the entire team. We prefer to get one check from the team.

How much does it cost to participate and how do we pay?

The tournaments cost $15 per student.  We also sell our books and those may be ordered on the same registration page-we will ship those immediately.  Coaches receive an invoice immediately upon registering. Schools may pay with credit card, purchase orders, or checks made to Perennial Math P.O. Box 16002 Huntsville, AL 35802. Parents must pay by credit card. If a school needs a w9 tax form, please email us on the Contact Us form on the website.

Does Perennial Math issue refunds?

Perennial Math does not issue refunds for students who are registered but fail to show up or sign in on the online test.  The only time Perennial Math issues a refund is for registration fees if a Tournament is cancelled. 

How is the test administered?

Students are tested both individually and then as a group. They are tested privately and parents may not watch the event. Our staff guides the event and pre-selects volunteer proctors from each school to help administer and score the tests. Students follow the proctors to the rooms for testing and sit apart for individual tests and then together for the team test. There is an intermission between the two tests.

What do we bring to the tournament?

The only thing you need to bring to the tournament is pencils and a snack. Some tournaments may have a concession stand, but we will notify you of this. If not, please bring a very light, non-sticky snack. We provide the scratch paper and no calculators or cell phones are allowed in the testing area.

What are the awards for the competition?

Individual medals or dog tags for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are given for the individual test based on grade level. We do not do tiebreakers-we give awards for all students regardless to ties. Team medals are given to each grade level for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We do not do tiebreakers for team awards either. Individual students are NOT eligible for TEAM Awards if they do not have a partner- teams consist of two or more students working together.

How are awards calculated?

Individual medals are awarded by grade level. Although 3rd and 4th graders take the same test, they are awarded separately. The same applies to the other levels 5th/6th and 7th/8th.

Team awards are calculated by adding all 5 individual scores in to the team score and adding the team test x 5. We do not do tiebreakers-we give awards for all teams scoring at that place. Team medals are given to each grade level for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. We do not do tiebreakers for individual or team awards.