Perennial Math National Championships are for students and teams who have won at our Onsite-Tournaments and also Team Virtual Tournaments. Any medalist is eligible to enter. These tournaments take place Virtually and require a Webcam to participate in the video conference along with another device to log in to our Live Scoring. The competition occurs on a specific day for each grade level on May 10-17.  The individual winners will compete in the morning sessions and the team competitions occur in the afternoon. These tournaments are live- not tests, so if you cannot make the tournament date, you cannot enter on an alternative date. You must be a winner in the event and your name and school name must be in the list in order to register.  Click here to see a tutorial on how to log in.  Please register by May 7th. You should receive an email with the login credentials, please check your spam folder. If you wish to check out your video equipment prior to tournament date you can go to the WebEx website for a test meeting

We also encourage you to sign up for our Virtual Tournaments and Online Competitions that occur throughout the year to prepare for the National Championships. You may register for those on the Virtual Tournaments page or purchase memberships to compete in our our Online Competition in the store.  

Past National Tournaments
2020 National Championships