Math Analogies 6-8
Math Analogies 6-8

by Kristi Youmans Using Critical Thinking Skills in the Math Classroom There’s NOTHING more unique than these math books! The analogies can be used to teach thinking skills to all students, as anchor activities, or as enrichment; pages can be laminated and placed in learning centers, assigned as homework, or used as “Warm Ups” before math class begins. Students learn to think critically by completing visual and verbal math analogies, and they must find very close relationships for each analogy. Each one challenges their mathematical thinking just like verbal/language analogies challenge reading students. Students choose the very best answer possible, and they must also clearly state the relationship for the analogy. They may not use the exact language that the teacher uses, but they must know the relationship and be able to say it in their own words. The math analogies correlate to national standards identified by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics in 6th-8th grade: Number and Operations, Geometry, Measurement, Algebra, Data Analysis and Probability, Communication, Connections, Problem Solving, Reasoning and Proof, and Representations





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